Our Family

Our Family

Welcome to the LoveMerino family. This is our lifelong dream and the culmination of the hard work of five generations of Merino farmers from Wellington, NSW, Australia. 

The Merino fleece used for our scarves is sourced solely from our property - Glenwood - which has been passed down from generation to generation.

The first grazier in the Smith family in Central West NSW was Mr William Henry Smith. William's son Henry ran a leasehold block called Geurie Station just outside of Wellington. In 1898 Henry Smith loaned his son Norman £2000 to purchase part of Glenwood

Norm Smith took over the management and passion for Glenwood from his father Brian in the 1990s. Norm has implemented “holistic” management of the farm and cutting edge SRS® Merino genetics. 

Next to every great Smith farmer there is always an amazing woman and a brood of children - Norm is lucky to have his childhood sweetheart Pip by his side and five remarkable children under their roof. Together they are passionate about preserving the environment for future generations and creating ethical and sustainable products.


The Smith family has a strong history in innovative farming winning regional shows for the best Merinos as far back as 1902 with a ram called “Storm”. Lester Smith (pictured above), was one of the first farmers to apply fertilizer by air and during his tenure, Norm’s dad Brian (affectionately known as “Bee” to his grandchildren) further improved pasture and built permanent water in all paddocks to reduce the impacts of drought. We still live by his motto – “if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well”.

At LoveMerino family, heritage, integrity and traceability are values we hold dear.