Unbelievably soft and warm, our 100% pure Australian Merino wool scarves come in a range of contemporary colours and shibori dyed patterns.
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Natural Classic Scarf
Gum-Tree Green Classic Scarf
Burnt Orange Classic Scarf
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Raven Black Classic Scarf
Midnight Blue Classic Scarf
Classic Scarf - Bespoke - Choose your colour!
Champagne/Natural Scarf - Ombre design
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Raven Black/ Stormy Grey Scarf - Ombre design
Ombre Scarf - Burnt Orange/Gum Tree Green - 100% Fine Merino Wool-Love Merino
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Raven Black/Natural Scarf - Mackerel Sky Design
Midnight Blue/Duck Egg Blue Scarf - Mackerel Sky Design
Stormy Grey Scarf - Kangaroo Paw design
Midnight Blue Scarf - Kangaroo Paw design
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Midnight Blue/Soft Blue Scarf - Magpie Design
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Raven Black/Natural Scarf - Magpie Design
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Prussian Blue Merino Wool Scarf - Moonphase design
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Merino Wool Scarf Luna design in charcoal
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Sunshine Classic Merino Wool Scarf
Petal Pink Classic merino wool Scarf
Scarlet red merino wool scarf - Love Merino
Merino Wool Scarf Classic  design Chocolate
Prussian Blue Classic Merino Wool Scarf
Forest Green Classic Merino Wool Scarf
Emerald Green Classic Merino wool Scarf
Petal Pink/Natural Ombre  Merino Wool Scarf
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Sunshine/Natural Merino Wool Scarf - Ombre design
Prussian Blue Merino Wool Scarf - Kangaroo Paw design
Australian Merino Wool Scarf Shibori Scarlet - Love Merino
Chocolate Merino wool Scarf - Kangaroo Paw design
Mulberry Merino Wool Scarf - Kangaroo Paw design
Merino Wool Charcoal Scarf - Kangaroo Paw design
Prussian Blue Merino Wool Scarf - Fence Post
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Scarlet Scarf - Autumn Leaves  Shibori hand dyed Australian fine Love Merino wool
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Scarlet merino wool Scarf - River Pebbles
Prussian Blue Merino Wool Scarf - River Pebbles
37 results