The Nature of Rain

The Nature of Rain

We had nearly 2 inches (or 50 mm) of rain which is very exciting! Not only is it good for the garden and fills the water tanks & dams but it is also crucial to maintain ground cover on Glenwood. This in turn is good for the native plants and all of the animals. It does however require a lot of running around during shearing for Norm and his team - Frank and Murray.

While rain is great for the property it’s not great for shearing as wet sheep delay the process. The shearers are always busy and have tight schedules, so any disruption delays when they can move onto the next farmer. So when it rains Norm trys to keep as many sheep dry as possible - they are mustered from the paddocks and herded into the shearing shed. When there is a break in the rain they are let out again to eat and drink and dry out. But when the clouds turn dark and stormy again there is a flurry of activity to get them all back in the shed again. This can happen up to 3 times in a day with nearly 1000 sheep moving in an out!

After a busy week for the family; countdown to Christmas - 41 days!

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