Introducing Soft Paws

Introducing Soft Paws

Today I would like to introduce you to another favourite member of our family at Glenwood - “Soft Paws” who is Daisy’s cat and is now 3 years old.

I arrived home with a small black baby kitten in January 2013 late one afternoon after a swimming course with my friends at Wellington swimming club. I had given a friend - Ronnie May - a lift home and she had about 21 cats and insisted that I take one. So I did. She was the smallest of course and last to appear.

Soft Paws was a beautiful surprise for Daisy – as the twins were set to go off to boarding school Norm and I thought it would be terrific company for her …although perhaps that was my great idea as Norm was not overly enthusiastic when I arrived home with a little moggy kitten. I had temporarily forgotten after 11 years of marriage that he was not a big a fan of cats!!!

Anyway, it did not take long for the Smith family and the hounds of Glenwood to embrace Soft Paws. Although a touch crazy, she is a great mouse catcher and very amusing.

When she wants to come inside she runs and throws herself at the gauze doors – front / back / side / bedroom door like a starfish and hangs on whilst rattling the door until you let her in. Which can give you quite a fright in the dark.

Soft Paws may not be the most overly affectionate cat to some (Norm!) but she is to me, and is always around and great company to boot for Daisy and I.

Until next time – stay safe and happy

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