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Wrap your mum in love this Mothers Day

Pip Smith - Love Merino founder

This Mother’s Day I will be thinking of my mum - Sue, my mother in law - Jean, my grandmothers and aunties - Gran Martin, Grannie Gordon, Aunty Thellie, Wendy Campbell, Pattie Gordon, Heather Gordon, and Chicky Jones with gratitude and love.

To those of you whose mums are no longer with you, may your day be filled with love.

Thoughts are especially with our friends and families - Zia, Aunty Eve, Jill Pullen, Carol Reinhart, Sarah Rich, Kellie Mason, Kylie Whale, Karen Paxton, Mal Keirle, Pat Doherty and all who have lost their children taken too soon, always remembered and forever loved.

And to those gorgeous souls who wanted to be but were never able to be mums.

Thinking of you all on this day always with love, thoughts, and prayers xxx


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 100% Australian made and owned Love Merino wool scarf or Merino wool wrap.

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A Luxurious Merino wool scarf or wrap is the perfect accessory for everyone’s wardrobe and these Love Merino scarves and Wraps are super soft and warm against your skin.

Available in many colours and designs – elegant, cosy, and timeless a great gift.

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On Sale This Mothers Day Love Merino scarves

We craft scarves made from the finest Merino, with every fibre originating from our farm in Wellington NSW Australia. Since 1898 and spanning five generations, our family has lived and worked on the ‘Glenwood’ farm.

We embrace this heritage while employing modern farming practices that it adheres to a “holistic” system of sustainable land management and the humane treatment of our animals.

Our scarves are proudly Australian made and we are involved at every step of the production journey, guaranteeing that they are crafted ethically and with minimal environmental impact.

Committed to supporting regional Australia and fostering and inclusive community, we want you to feel part of our family and what we do. We love our merinos you will love our story.



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