Our Story

Welcome to LoveMerino

We craft scarves made from the finest Merino, with every fibre originating from our farm in Wellington, NSW, Australia. Since 1898 and spanning five generations, our family has lived and worked on the Glenwood farm.

We embrace this heritage while employing modern farming practices that adhere to a “holistic” system of sustainable land management and the humane treatment of our animals. While utilising the function and comfort of the world’s best Merino, our contemporary design aesthetic focuses on natural beauty and artistic integrity, translating into unique, limited edition pieces.

Our scarves are proudly Australian made and we are involved at every step of the production journey, guaranteeing that they are crafted ethically and with minimal environmental impact. Committed to supporting regional Australia and fostering an inclusive community, we want you to feel part of our family and what we do.

We love our Merinos; you'll love our story!
The Smiths