Celebrations with Milo

Celebrations with Milo

Today Chloe, our eldest, finished her final high school exam and whilst feeling proud and excited I feel somewhat sad or perhaps melancholy – suddenly we have a young adult on our hands.

We celebrated with a toast of three generations - Chloe, Dad ("Pop") and me with red wine and Milo (in separate glasses).

We abandoned the idea of a pub celebration and headed back to Glenwood to help with the first day of shearing.

It feels like only yesterday that my little piggy tailed, toothless 5 year old was starting kindy and now there’s a beautiful young woman smiling at me, ready for the next chapter of her life. That evening I hugged Norm and cheered “WE DID IT”, and he said “Yeahhhh...Only 4 more to go!!!

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