A Trip to Sydney

A Trip to Sydney

We’re fully immersed in the Rugby World Cup – isn’t everyone? The Smiths are all rugby tragics and Norm is no exception - He loves the game nearly as much as he loves his Merinos.

Our tipping isn’t doing as well as we’d hoped but that’s country internet for you! i.e. It doesn't work very reliably so we always miss putting our tips in :( 

This week I’m heading down to Sydney to meet with our new team of designers, printers, makers about the first range of "Love Merino" products. It’s 6 hours on public transport but I can’t wait! It is a dream come true to have our own range of Merino products using wool that can be sourced right back to a flock on our farm!

We’ve got a special house guest this weekend – Manny – our very talented designer who is coming up to get a feel for the property, our family and our farm.

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