Design School, Van Fest & Chops

Design School, Van Fest & Chops

We have returned from Melbourne where our eldest daughter, Chloe, had her final interview to do a Degree in Design at RMIT. All went well and we will know very soon if she is accepted. It's so exciting to see Chloe moving on to the next stage in her young and exciting life!

On the weekend Chloe, Amber, 4 of their friends and I ventured off to Van Fest in Forbes for the 2nd year and what a blast we had – camping in a 6-man tent with our swags among 2000 other party goers. It was a long night but the John Butler Trio, Birds of Tokyo and some band called Shepard were awesome! There were so many more bands that I can’t remember the names of – a muso I am not!

The children are all home helping out on the farm to earn pocket money. "Chops" the pet lamb has moved out of the garden permanently now and into the ram paddock next to the house with his good friend “Snort” – Amber’s horse. Chops still comes over to the fence when his name is called to say hello, but seems to be perfectly happy pretending he is a very short horse!

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