LoveMerino - Love Christmas

LoveMerino - Love Christmas

Don't you just love Christmas – The week before and the days following - it’s great to jump off the the merry-go-round for a moment and just hang out with the family.

It's perfect weather for Christmas in the Central West – hot days and cool nights. Our Christmas Eve tradition involves a little country church 15 minutes drive from our place at Spicers Creek - where we gather with all the neighbours, family and friends.

The church was packed, no spare seats children sitting on the worn wooden floor boards – all the windows ajar to get the evening breeze. I was dressed up as Mary this year, to add to the festivities, Maggie and Daisy made a birthday cake for Jesus, we sang Happy Birthday and everyone enjoyed a slice after the service.

Christmas day was wonderful – with Santa, presents, family and games. Boxing Day was spent at Windermere Dam, near Rylstone, water skiing with the family. Uncle Bill was going to "barefoot" ski but the water wasn't rough enough for him! 

A familiar pattern over the next few days of water skiing and essential chores. Norm and Will are building a new chook (chicken) yard next to my veggie patch - I'm very excited, can’t wait until its ready!

Today, we are just waiting for a truck to arrive with a new Bull as the old one has hurt his leg and cannot do the job with the girls anymore. Will has gone working with our neighbour Pete Barton. I think we will have chicken for dinner tonight...I feel like chicken tonight ;)

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