New Years Eve Celebrations

New Years Eve Celebrations

Happy New Year! Looking forward to a fabulous year, “Sweet 16” just like my twins.

A quiet week on Glenwood is always nice at this time of the year. Norm and Will leave early each morning about 6am to move the sheep before the heat in the middle of the day.

Our second daughter Amber (17) has gone to Turkey for 3 weeks on a history tour very exciting and a little stressful for Mum and Dad thinking of all that goes on in the world at present. Although we are reassured by the tour leaders that they have all their contingency plans in place.

Rob Sutherland our neighbour's over the hill – had his 50th birthday party last night, Norm and I dressed as John Travolta and Rizo from the movie “Grease”, sitting on hay bales having a spit BBQ in their backyard looking out over Spicers Creek with friends from all over NSW dressed up as their favourite movie stars. The plan was to be home at Midnight but time flies as they say when your having fun and 3.30 am was our estimated time of arrival back home - perhaps we should have gone as Cinderella and Prince Charming.



So New Years Eve with 40 friends at Glenwood was a very long day to end 2015. Celebrating in style with good country hospitality – loads of food & celebrations together with swimming, croquet and cricket. 2016 arrived in style with a bang and at 12.10 am Norm pulled the music plug and everyone went home.

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