Post Holiday Depression

Post Holiday Depression

The holidays have ended and I have PHD: Post-Holiday Depression!

I have managed to iron and name tag a million pieces of clothing (well it feels like it!) for all 5 children. Making me feel better knowing their name & phone number are safely attached in case anything ever goes missing – the clothes or the kids!

This week on the farm its business as usual - Norm is off to our neighbour, Pete Barton, to class his ewes (the girls) so they can then work out which Rams (boys) are best suited to be joined. Pete is one of our loyal clients purchasing rams at the Glenwood ram sale each year in October. The aim of classing is to improve the genetics of Pete’s flock so he can produce more beautiful soft Australian Merino. This is a service Norm provides free to our clients who purchase rams – it takes about half a day to do 700 ewes.

So I must be off to finish vacuuming, do a bit more filing, get the washing in, go to a meeting in town, take Daisy to her piano lesson and right now get the biscuits out of the oven – Sarah Wilson’s sugar free biscuits really are delicious – you must try them!

Until next time – stay safe and happy

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