Burrs & Rain

Burrs & Rain

Norm and Frank have been chipping Bathurst Burrs which grow a dime a dozen especially when it rains - it is a very slow and hot job in Summer – they walk with a hoe and literally chip them out – put them on the back of a truck and then burn them later in the year when there is no risk of fires to prevent reseeding.

The reason for this is that the burr gets into the sheep’s wool and reduces the value of the fleece. I remember my Dad used to pay us 1 cent a burr when we were growing up and earning about $4 for the day. I am not sure our kids would do it for 1 cent a burr nowadays!

The plus side is we have been blessed with some more beautiful rain. Mowing the lawns as the grass is just growing and growing – some Summers we don't have to mow as there is drought – so we are not complaining – the garden looks beautiful.

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