Typical Day in Autumn

Typical Day in Autumn

Up early thank goodness good old Daylight savings has finished - a big fan I am not.

Weetbix for breakfast and a quick check of the emails - couple of loads of washing hung out and a couple more on the go.

Daisy is up and dressed for sports day at school - lunch box packed, makes her bed, cleans her teeth, sunscreen applied, hair brushed and plaited, piano practice and off to catch the 7.50am - "Wulluman" bus. Daisy is the first on and last off and her bus driver today - Kel Wykes - has arrived early for a brisk walk before he drives the bus back to town.

Norm has gone moving sheep - something he does most days as anyone in my family will tell you when ever they ask where's Dad we all reply "moving sheep" this can be any and most days of the year!!!

I then drive the car in to Wellington for a service and luckily was given a service car to do some chores - banking the CWA money and calling into the Wellington Visitors Information Centre in the centre of probably the most beautiful park in rural Australia - "Cameron Park".

Dubbo regional council have recently launched "Regional Platters" a collaboration between industry and local government from the communities; Wellington, Dubbo, Narromine, Mudgee, Gilgandra, Nyngan, Warren and the Warrenbungles.  “CONNECTING our PRODUCTS with PEOPLE”.  www.visitwellington.com.au . Glenwood & Love Merino are included in this iniative and we are very excited to be a part of it.

Home to have lunch with Norm - Saos with cheese and tomatoes as my bread maker has broken and I forgot to buy a loaf of bread.

Quick check of the emails and a cold drink and out we went on the bikes to the back yards near "Jessie's" to get a mob of the young lambs. The lambs were shorn in February and needed a drench because of the recent rain of which we are very grateful (69mls in the last 48 hours) young sheep can be prone to worms . Having said that these lambs look pretty damn good and of course I would know as I have the eye you know!

Anyway drenched and drafted 650 young lambs and couple of strays that had jumped in the wrong paddock, which we moved back to their right mob, we moved the young lambs back to a fresh paddock and rode home again.

The weather is warm in the sun with a light breeze to keep us cool. It was looking like it might build up to a storm like we have had the last couple of nights but the wind has blown it away.

Daisy gets off the bus at 4.10pm - afternoon tea, homework, chores and a play with the hounds. I cook a roast chicken and am off to a Parents and Friends meeting whilst Norm and Daise entertain each other until bed time.

I arrive home at 9pm after a good laugh with a great bunch of friends, quick tidy up, pat the hounds good night and off to bed - a typical day in Autumn.

Until next time – stay safe and happy

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