Meet the Good Day Girls

Meet the Good Day Girls

We are always looking to collaborate with innovative (and funky) partners and couldn't be happier to have met the amazing ladies from Good Day Girl last year. They featured two of our limited edition Shibori scarves in their Winter collection and received amazing feedback at all stops of their trunk show tour of Australia! 

We caught up with the girls behind Good Day Girl, Sophie and Alexia, to find out more about the company and their love for slow fashion!

Tell us the story of how you started Good Day Girl?

We met as competitors! We both had women’s independent fashion businesses and just had had enough of the fashion/retail/wholesale system - we weren’t able to satisfy customers as we had run out of their size or hadn’t made their size, and then at the end of the season we were inevitably left with stock, so there was waste, which we didn’t like. We decided to throw caution to the wind and say goodbye to our brands and start fresh, trying to solve the issues we were facing with a new business - Good Day Girl!

How did you come up with the concept?

We decided to do everything differently to how we had done it in the past - it all centred around trying to solve the problems we had with our previous labels. We wanted to always be able to supply what the customer wanted and we didn’t want to have any waste - made to order was the way to achieve that. We wanted to create a business model that had the customer at the centre of everything.

Tell us how much you love slow fashion and what drives you to do so much good?

We are driven by our desire to see the Australian fashion manufacturing industry continue and ideally flourish, and we are absolutely driven by our desire to see our customers feel good in what they wear - this is what makes us very happy chicas.

Do you ever play “Good Day Girl” for yourselves? What are your favourites?

Always! We are in and out of all the samples during design time, there is nothing either of us don’t try on a few times - we need to feel it, it has to feel good on the body. Then at the end of our Trunk Show we go ‘shopping’ - we generally chose the same things….but the Paddington Shirt in white is the piece that we both wear in and out of seasons and through the years - they get a big workout.


What did your clients think of the first LoveMerino range of scarves?

A big thumbs up - they loved them! Knowing that the wool came from happy sheep in Western NSW and knitted in Melbourne, then all the work with the Shibori House - it’s not a mass produced piece, it’s a limited edition and our clients loved that. They also loved the way the fabric felt so soft and beautiful against the skin.

We’re really passionate about promoting Australian Made and supporting our designers, artists and makers. Tell us a bit about your experience with manufacturing in Australia and why it’s important to you.

Manufacturing in Australia is challenging. There is no other word for it. The local industry, especially in NSW needs assistance to enable independent designers to find makers who are happy to do limited editions. Manufacturing today is how it has been in the 60s - mass - we need to evolve how we produce clothing - enabling smaller runs, enabling more custom made options - innovative to manufacture in a smarter way. And make it an industry the youth of today want to be a part of!

Tell us something about yourselves that only your mother would know?

Alexia - I was convinced I was telepathic and what's worse, so did my mum ... we could 'speak' to each other .... she's sure it still works, which is handy as we live on different continents!

Sophie - I played Joseph in the Year 3 musical production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". I beat the boys to the part - of course, it was all about the coat, which mum made.

For more information on Good Day Girls and to check out their Summer range go to 

Until next time

Tess xx

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