Behind the Scenes - The Great Escape

Behind the Scenes - The Great Escape

As some of you may have seen, we were blessed to be featured on Weekend Sunrise last Saturday but what you may not know is the "behind the scenes" great escape that took place.

We got up at 4.30am and loaded 3 ewes (girls) and 1 ram (boy) into our purpose built trailer with head torches on because it was still dark. We then went home and woke Daisy up (who is not a morning person at the best of times) and then headed into town to meet everyone at Cameron Park at 5.30am. Norm started to set up the panels to hold the sheep and I was focused on setting up our display of beautiful LoveMerino scarves. So far so good .....

Norm then said "can you jump up in the trailer and push the sheep down?" ..... a simple enough request you would think, particularly for someone in a pink linen dress and cowboy boots ..... but that's when all hell broke loose! It was still dark and Cameron Park looked a picture with thousands of fairy lights in the trees but the sheep didn't like them so much ..... they got spooked and jumped over the panels and into the darkness of pre-dawn Wello! 

What a commotion! Norm managed to catch one of the ewes on her way past but the other 3 bandits ran straight up the main street of Wellington heading towards Keirle's Pharmacy .... they must have been after some sedatives, because I certainly could have used some! Confusion reigned supreme with Norm shouting orders "don't chase them - you will make it worse" followed by "don't let them out of your sight".

By this stage our posse included Daisy, Rick Bremner, Peter Perry and I as Norm had gone to put the other ewe back on the trailer. Luckily the escapees made a sharp right hand turn into Cameron Park and decided to take a stroll down to the famous swinging bridge which luckily was locked and the fence secure (not really). By this stage Norm had returned with the panels, and we tried to herd the rascals into a corner. Best laid plans ..... they spooked again and took off past the fountain and towards the library (obviously wanting to see all the sites). 

We were lucky again as they came upon a corner in the fence, having dodged the street sweeper on the way! Other helpers were arriving all the time with "Diesel" and John Grasnick joining the fold. I even rang Pete Barton who lives further out of town than we do and was still asleep ..... his response ..... what the #*#! do you want me to do.

By this stage the great escape had lasted for about 45 minutes and we were getting closer to our spot on Weekend Sunrise .... nothing like a bit of pressure when you are just about to go on live telly!

Once again Norm set up the panels and with the help of our amazing team, we managed to catch all three of the sheep and put them back where they belonged. Crisis averted and better late than never both Norm and I got interviewed by the wonderful James Tobin who had no idea what we had just been through!

It was a great day and hearing from the other amazing businesses and people made me realise how lucky we are to live in Wellington. A big thanks to all of the folks at Dubbo Regional Council who gave us the opportunity. 

PS: Did I mention that I recently had eye surgery and in the commotion I forgot I was wearing my "special" glasses with only one lense .... not to worry it was only national television! 

Until next time. Stay safe and have fun.


Pip Smith

Pip that is one hilarious read XXXX noone would have noticed about the glasses. What a galloping tale. and there you are looking cool as a cucumber on screen when what you are thinking is…. i need coffee….

Pip Smith

Your description of the incident put me right there with you. I had no trouble imagining the chaotic pre dawn scene in Wellington Park and streetscape. It must have been a drama at the time but I had a chuckle.

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