Drones in the Air at Glenwood

Drones in the Air at Glenwood

A couple of months ago were fortunate enough to have some great cinematographers come to Glenwood for 2 days whilst we were shearing. Marcus from “Sea Glass Films” and Lizz from “Mind Set Films”.

After an extra long trip to Glenwood - Lizz and Marcus arrived late in the evening – due to perhaps not such wonderful directions given by moî and the fact they thought we would have internet coverage for Google maps – alas when you visit Glenwood and our neighbours you realise that we are one of those black spots and have very average coverage. Although you can get a bar or two in our “veggie patch” if you stand on your left foot with your right arm in the air - since their visit we have named it “The Internet Café” and we have placed a table and 2 chairs for their return. I must say it did amuse me as they did spend a little time each night with their head torches on in The Internet Café.

Early the next morning we were up and at’em – it was the last day of shearing and we had all the kids home – an amazing day – with videos, drones and photographers. Lizz and Marcus were so very professional they slipped in and out of the Glenwood Woolshed and yards to film the every day goings on without being noticed or in the way.

Marcus and Lizz took some awesome footage of the shed, shearing, shearers, kids, dogs, sheep, landscape and the people. We were able to get a few lovely family shots with all 7 of us in the photo, which most families know can be very rare.

We had a beautiful roast that night, a few drinks and a good laugh and then up at the crack of dawn to the highest point on Glenwood to catch the sunrise. All of this beautiful footage has been spliced and diced and made into 4 short videos – covering LoveMerino from fibre to fabric.

There are a few interviews along the way with Marcus and Lizz interviewing Norm and I on the farm and one of our gun shearers – Jamie Clout. Then we bid Marcus and Liz farewell as they were off again to their next venture.

The footage continued with the rest of the team in Sydney and at different parts of the processing of the gorgeous LoveMerino scarves. The concept is to share the whole process from the paddock to the finished product and everything in between. We are excited to release the first of the 4 short films aptly called "Our Story" which can be viewed below:


I am sure Marcus and Lizz enjoyed their stay on Glenwood and promised they will be back again for a visit – and perhaps arrive in the day light so they do not take a 1 hour detour via Goolma!

Marcus Stimson, “Mind Set Films” - marcus@mindsetfilms.com.au

Lizz Vernon, “Sea Glass Films” – lizz@cinematographer.net.au

Until next time – stay safe and happy



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