Sallie the Pan Licker

Sallie the Pan Licker

Today I want to introduce you to Sallie who is the oldest hound of 3 “house dogs” we have. I was given Sal 12 years ago when the twins were 4 - which makes her 84 in dog years! She is a beautiful puppy and great company, always by my side, although I must say perhaps not the ideal farm dog! Being a White Maltese Terrier with long hair she needs clipping every 3 months as she constantly gets burs in her fur – Not dissimilar to our Merinos. Luckily she is happy to have a haircut and doesn’t mind the odd bath in the laundry tub. In the winter Sal needs a warm coat on constantly as she gets very cold.

Sal is the only “pan licker” to sleep inside - which happens to be on the end of my bed, curled up at my feet. If she makes the mistake of moving over to Norm's side she gets a big boot straight off the end of the bed! Sal is a smart puppy and learnt this lesson very early on. It's only occasionally that she ventures over to Norms side! The other reason Sal sleeps inside is that when she leaves the dogs bedroom (the laundry) she scampers out the dog door and barks all night at absolutely everything (and nothing) for hours on end, which is no fun for anyone. Sal is an important member of our family and we love her to bits.

Until next time – stay safe and happy


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