A Logo for LoveMerino

A Logo for LoveMerino

Wool growing has been a passion for Norm and I for over 20 years. Our dream has always been to make our own products with our very own Merino wool which can be traced right back to our farm, “Glenwood”.

We tossed around a lot of names over the last decade and decided on “LoveMerino” as it fits perfectly with our ethos and what we are trying to achieve.

Next step was to engage a designer to develop a brand identity and logo - we selected Sydney-based designer Manuela Strano on the recommendation of the lovely Caroline Davis from Dandi Designs.

Our brief was to come up with something that reflected our values and included imagery of hearts, merino, wool, fibre, fleece, crimps and quality …. easy right!

Manny did an amazing job developing our ‘seal’ and incorporating our love for our animals and the exquisite fibre they produce. It came down to a final family vote on the 3 concepts Manny presented and the overwhelming favourite was what you see today.

People are always seeing different things in our logo and we love hearing feedback …. a heart motif, continuous thread, two rams locking horns… What do you see?

 Until next time – stay safe and happy

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