Made with Love

Made with Love

LoveMerino uses fibre sourced exclusively from our property Glenwood, ensuring we can trace your scarf right back to a specific flock. We work with quality Australian suppliers - both sheep and people - ensuring a product that is ethical and sustainable; made with love, skill and with quality materials. 


Glenwood Merino fibre is completely renewable, sustainable and produced with complete respect for the environment. Glenwood sheep need nothing but grass and fresh water to produce their fleece; they are free to roam all year round; and graze as nature intended. They are “mustered” for shearing every 8 months where their fleece is shorn, ready for processing into yarn to craft our super soft scarves. After the sheep leave the shed, they head back into their paddocks to start work on growing next year's fleece!

Sourcing the best Merino in the world is only part of the story. The process of fleece to scarf involves a number of highly talented craftsmen, artisans and designers. We work with limited edition designs and colours using hand techniques to ensure each piece is unique. 

The LoveMerino team: Co-Founder Ian Smith, Designers Manuela Strano and Tess Lloyd, Co-Founder Pip Smith.

Tess Lloyd joined the LoveMerino team in August 2015 and has been working with Pip and Ian in areas of brand development, design direction and local manufacturing. Tess comes from a background in design having co-run her own business - Polli - for 10 years. She shares similar core values around sustainability,  animal welfare and Australian made so it a natural fit for the brand.


Part of our vision for LoveMerino is to be able to support up-and-coming Australian designers. For our first range we have worked with Sydney-based Manuela Strano. Manny is a graphic designer and artist wearing many hats, working from branding and packaging to letterpress and watercolours. 


Australian Merino industry legend, Warwick Rolfe from Woolerina (Forbes, NSW) processes our raw Merino into yarn and then oversees the machine knitting of the super soft fabric in Melbourne.

Publisher Textiles (Leichhardt, NSW) is a leading Sydney silk screen printing house established in 2002. Publisher Textiles use traditional methods to hand print our original designs onto our beautiful Merino fabric. Our designs are first put into repeat and then exposed onto a silkscreen with a metal frame. The fabric is printed in 20m lengths by two skilled screen printers who work in tandem down the length of the table.

(Stanmore, NSW) is a creative partnership between Pepa Martin and Karen Davis who use traditional methods of Japanese Shibori dying. We have worked closely with this dynamic duo to experiment with colour and pattern on Merino, creating original pieces each dyed individually by hand in Sydney.

Our scarves are cut and sewn in small batches by a team of makers in Sydney’s Inner West garment district.