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Our Philosophy

LoveMerino was established in 2015 and is 120 years in the making.

LoveMerino founder, Pip Smith lives on the family farm with her husband Norm and their five beautiful children. Pip and Norm use holistic farming methods to ensure they regenerate the land for future generations. 

At LoveMerino we are committed to bringing the “love” back to Australian Merino by developing an ethical, sustainable and collectable fashion brand. We hope that you will come to know us for:

  • Using the world’s best Merino to craft Australian made, premium quality, luxurious garments;
  • Regenerating the land as custodians for future generations;
  • Adhering to strict animal welfare standards;
  • Exhibiting integrity and ethics in every aspect of our business;
  • Providing full traceability from “fabric to flock”;
  • Supporting and promoting local and regional Australia; and
  • Showcasing young, up-and-coming Australian designers.





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