Sustainable and Ethical Merino

Sustainable and Ethical Merino

As mentioned in my previous blogs, the Smith family have been grazing and producing beautiful Merino fibre for 5 generations – our children are the 6th generation to carry this amazing story on into the future.

Together we embrace the history of “Glenwood” and its story while at the same time we are busy adding our own story.

We aim to sustain the land for future generations and preserve the welfare of our animals. Sustainability and ethical treatment of animals are core focuses of our property. Without this vision we wouldn’t have anything to pass onto our children.

Glenwood Merinos are managed to mimic nature, grazing in large mobs for short periods of time before moving paddocks, allowing the land to rest and regenerate its native pasture as it has done for thousands of years. Our unique approach to grazing has led to the regeneration of unique species of native grasses thought to be extinct in this area and allows for 100% coverage of the ground - reducing the risk of drought.

Well treated land makes for healthier, happier animals as does our focus on animal welfare. We have bred Merinos that are “plain bodied” and naturally resistant to fly strike. As such, we have not had to mules our animals since 2005.

Our story is about caring for the environment and continuous improvement of animal welfare. We are excited to be launching “Love Merino” which will showcase beautiful, high quality and super soft products which can be traced back to our flock.

We love our Merinos…you'll love our story!

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