Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung

Well it’s the beginning of daylight savings and spring has definitely sprung - the honey bees and the little black flies are everywhere!

Lambing is the main game at this time of the year. The beautiful baby Merino lambs are everywhere. It's a busy time of the year but a lovely time as we get to see how many new baby lambs we have to add to our flock and so far its about 1370!

It has been a great 2 weeks of school holidays (did I mention that I love school holidays!?!) - the children are all home and the weather is beautiful.

We are very lucky to have a swimming pool that was built over 60 years ago. We had the pool lining fixed last weekend and just in the nick of time - it had not been re-lined for over 25 years.

Today after checking on the lambs the kids went in the pool - which is only half full as we are filling it from a water tank at the Woolshed. So far it has taken 2 days so it might be next weekend before we are able to dive in!

So far it has taken 2 days and we are so it might be next weekend before we are able to dive in.

Norm’s Mum Jean (Grannie to the kids) is visiting at the moment from her home up at South West Rocks. We all went for a walk down the road tonight to Grannie’s cottage - the girls running and Will and I walking. Will was in his boots and jeans and me ... well I don't have to run! The sky was so clear tonight and we could see millions of bright stars in the sky - just beautiful. I sometimes forget how lucky we are to live in the country. 

Tonight we are having pancakes for dinner! This is Norm’s specialty, a Saturday night ritual and favourite of all the kids .... young and old ;) 

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