Meeting Bert

Meeting Bert

Well its another crazy week for the family at Glenwood Merinos - pick up Will from rowing camp, parent teacher interviews for 4, children back to school, cadet camp for 3, study camp for 1 for the upcoming HSC, 2 doctor’s appointments in 5 hours for Norm's Mum ("Grannie"), 1 council meeting for me, and Daisy has piano & ballet lessons after school and that's only for Tuesday! 65 days and counting til Christmas holidays!

The best part of the day was on our way home from ballet lessons Daisy and I spotted a spiky little fellow crossing the road near the mail box on our driveway - Bert the Echidna. We put the hazard lights on shepherding him safely across the road. We crept quietly over so we didn't frighten him as Echidnas curl up into a ball to protect themselves from predators.

What a treat to meet a local, then it’s home to life on the farm – feeding the chooks, dogs and “Chops” the poddy lamb and the newest addition to the family. Chops was an orphan we took in and is now settling into living in our back yard.

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