Ewes & Rams

Ewes & Rams

Just home from my 30-year school reunion – how much fun are they? Oh you must go if you get the chance – we laughed and laughed and it was so wonderful to see all my friends from school – couldn't remember everyone’s name – gosh we are getting old! It made me think - “I miss being young” - anyway onwards and upwards. The HSC started yesterday and when I rang to speak to gorgeous daughter number one I found out the biggest issue was that her phone had run out of data!

After getting up, I put Daisy on the school bus and raced down to the woolshed to help Norm with mothering up lambs for 3 hours. Every Spring Norm will personally check the behavioural traits of each ewe (mother) with her lambs and records the responses in the computer for the next breeding season. I hold the lambs while Norm watches the mother’s response. We’ll do this with hundreds of animals over a month each year. This helps us track their pedigree and makes sure our Merinos are the best mothers going around :)

I then raced into town, without changing, to an amazing day that my dear friend Rachel Rathbone had been organising for 3 months – The Wellington Mental Health Forum – her aim is to put mental health on the map. It was amazing and a real credit to Rach and all the guest speakers. As I ran into a packed Civic Centre I realised that I had 2 different boots on ..... oh dear!!! 

A very exciting week coming up – it is our 14th annual ram sale – a culmination of all Norm’s hard work in his selection of his best SRS rams. This year we are selling 100 of our best rams in an auction, run by the very professional and locally-based company Peter Milling & Company.

So just a few things to organise, deep breath! The sheep or should I say "the boys", mowing, signs, laminating, drinks, cleaning of the wool shed, portable yards up, confirm the editor of the local paper (Farren) to pay us a visit, pick up the Glenwood hats for all the buyers, order the food and drinks…phew I am tired already! Speaking of which each year we get the wonderful Wellington Red Cross ladies to cater for the event. They are truly amazing and cater for about 90 people – providing not only home made scones, pikelets, slices & cakes but sandwiches and rolls, tea and coffee, cold drinks and good old fashioned country hospitality. Come next year, it’s an amazing event - Friday 14th October 2016.

On top of the ram sale we’ve got kid’s birthday parties, family dinners and our monthly service at our country church - “Spicers Creek”. Daisy, my 8 year old negotiator - has convinced Minister Leslie to perform pet blessings, so we are taking "Rolled Oats” the Jack Russell. Perhaps I should stop her watching re-runs of "The Vicar of Dibley".

Enough chat – best be off and do a few things.

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