Wildlife Rescue at Glenwood

Wildlife Rescue at Glenwood

Daisy had her swimming carnival this week. She goes to St Marys Catholic School in Wellington. It was such a beautiful family day – only catch was that I was the referee and sometimes I have to move positions of place getters if they are not doing the stroke correctly. Thankfully I only had to do it 3 times but unfortunately Daisy was one of them! Luckily she was a good sport about it and was still talking to me that night!

It has been like an episode of Wildlife Rescue this week at Glenwood. We found a little wren outside the back door on Tuesday and Daisy (Miss 9) nursed it for a couple of days making sure it had enough feed and water.  We then gave it to the bus driver Kel who looks after sick birds bless his little cotton Merino socks.

Today I found a tiny sugar glider in the garden that must have fallen out of a tree. Steve Irwin would have been proud as I got a ladder and found a nice new home for “Cyril” in a big tree away from the house. They are very cute animals and look a bit like a tiny mouse with wings. Amber (Miss 17) once nursed a couple back to health after they fell out of their nest. Norm and Amber took them back to where they had found them when they were big enough to survive on their own.

The picture is of "Kiwi" the kangaroo who was named after some New Zealand friends Amber had staying at the time we found her. She was part of our lives for about 8 months as we nursed her back to health. 

Until next time – stay safe and happy

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