A Trip to Tassy

A Trip to Tassy

We are currently on a farm near a little town called Cressie in Tasmania. It is also lovely and cool (well probably what the Tasmanians call warm) which I am loving, wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a Woolerina cardi.

Our journey started driving from Wellington to Melbourne to drop off Chloe (Miss 18) to college. A road trip with children isn’t complete without a few ‘are we there yet?’ from Daisy (Miss 9) and a photo opportunity at Gundagai’s ‘The Dog on The Tuckerbox’. Chloe (Miss 18) starts her fashion degree at RMIT this year. It was a sad and surreal experience for us but exciting one for Chloe. We are so proud of Polli and can’t wait to see what she creates, perhaps one day she’ll even design a Merino garment!

From Melbourne we flew to Launceston and drove to Cressie to our good friends the Dowlings who have a very diverse farming enterprise where they raise Meirnos and grow crops like peas, barley, potatoes and even Poppies! We are down here so Norm can class 6,000 of their ewes (girls) and decide which rams to join them with. A long couple of days but something Norm loves to do and a great opportunity to catch up with one of his best mates.

Whilst Norm was busy working Daisy, Noo (my Mum), Pop (my Dad) and I trooped around seeing the sights of Launceston and its surrounds which can only be described as magical. Launceston reminds me of the English countryside with little villages here there and everywhere. It was a great to spend some quality time with the oldies and we will all be sad to leave the “Apple Isle” - especially with attractions like the "Big Trout"!

Until next time – stay safe and happy

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