Country Women's Association

Country Women's Association

I am a proud member of the Wellington Branch of the CWA (Country Women’s Association). Before joining I often wondered what the CWA did and whether it was just a bunch of country ladies getting together for a cup of tea, scones and a gossip. How wrong I was!

My first CWA experience was when I was invited to a meeting in June last year as a local councillor for International Women’s Day. I was blown away by the wonderful country hospitality and friendship offered by the group. When I was asked why they struggle to get younger girls (compliment noted) to join I answered simply “Have you ever just asked?” I would have joined at a heartbeat if I had been approached earlier now knowing the fantastic work they do and the great sense of community within the group!

Of course now I am a full member and was recently appointed the Wellington branch treasurer! Little do they know they should have perhaps phoned a friend i.e. Norm to check my financial credentials :)

We meet once a month in the CWA rooms in Wellington which are quaint and homely – you even get a home-made cushion to sit on. The CWA is an amazing bunch of girls, ladies and women who come together with a common purpose -  to provide a voice for women to help improve conditions and welfare of all women and families - especially in country areas.

The photo here is of the Wongarbon CWA ladies who asked me to come along and speak about what we do at Glenwood. It was a beautiful morning filled with wonderful country hospitality. When I left they gave me a gift box of homemade biscuits, scones, jams and home-grown vegies straight from the garden. Now I bet that doesn't happen in the big smoke!

Our membership is comprised of women from all walks of life in town and country. Approximately 10,000 women belong to one of over 400 local branches, working not only for the overall aims of the organisation but often for very specific local issues.

I encourage you to take a moment and find a local CWA branch near you. You will find them in the city too!

For more information, go to:

Until next time – stay safe and happy


Ian Smith

Ladies from all walks of life today we went to coffs harbour salvation group and had a lovely morning

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