Leif Gift

Leif Gift

To celebrate the release of our first collection we wanted to partner with a brand to offer a special gift with pre orders as a thank you to our early supporters.

Something beautiful, Australian, quality and luxury so we chose Leif hand cream.

Made in Australia Leif celebrates the unique flora of Australia with ingredients that demand attention.

We selected their Kakadu Plum and Macadamia Nut Hand Balm – sounds good enough to eat, doesn’t it?  We feel everyone deserves a little nourishment.

We wanted to share a little more about the Leif story with you.

The ingredients of your products sound delicious! Where do you get your inspiration to work with so many natives?

LEIF is a range of bath & body products whose formulas are clean, natural and share a distinctly Australian character.

Botanical extracts and essential oils are sourced so each product celebrates the diverse flora of our truly unique continent.

We love your clean, simple, original packaging. What inspired you to do custom packaging for the range? 

It began with the bottle. Container, a Sydney based studio founded by Brenan Liston & Jonnie Vigar, specialise in creating bespoke packaging for local and international beauty brands. LEIF started life as a ‘form study’.

 A model of a fine necked bottle used to sit in our design studio and friends would often comment on it's unusual form. They’d ask who it was for but there was no client, after years of questioning we began to think about trying to fill it ourselves. It sounds back to front but as designers we see a very close link between the package and the product that it contains.

The message is the bottle but the formula must deliver on that promise, product integrity is essential. We want Leif to reflect the best of Australia, to promote the unique indigenous naturals and package them in a modern way that reflects who we are today.

Where did your business name originate?

We first came across LEIF in a storybook, which featured a truck of the same name. As an anagram of LIFE the word seemed to be a great fit for the as yet unnamed natural product range. Many say LEAF, which certainly makes sense, but we sound it as they do in Scandinavia where LEIF is a traditional male name pronounced LAYF.

We’re really passionate about promoting Australia and Australian Made. How does Leif share the Australian story?

We want LEIF to reflect the best of Australia. Natural beauty combined with a modern aesthetic for which we’ve become known. We want LEIF to share the same characteristics for which Australians have become renowned - seriously competent but never too serious.

For more information go to http://www.leifproducts.com

Order before Saturday 15 October to receive a free 75 ml hand cream as a thank you for your early support with our first collection. The hand cream will ship with your scarf late October 2016

Leif hand cream pictured above with Pip’s Dad: Marto-The-Hand-Model at our recent shoot.

Love Tess xx

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