Love Merino Our Code of Ethics & Sustainability gives you peace of mind

Why you should Love Merino

Why you should Love Merino Our Code of Ethics & Sustainability gives you peace of mind

Our Code of Ethics & Sustainability gives you peace of mind

Our "Farm to Fabric" Standards

All Love Merino fabrics are produced from the merino sheep on our farm Glenwood, Central West NSW. Our fabrics are produced at AB Knitwear in Melbourne Australia. AB Knitwear is an environmentally responsible merino knit manufacturer. Love Merino products are completely free from harmful chemicals and safe for human use. 

Our sheep are treated with respect

Our our farm - Glenwood Merino -  is accredited at an RWS (Responsible Wool Standard)  - our sheep are treated with respect to their Five Freedoms:

  1. the freedom from hunger and thirst;
  2. the freedom from discomfort;
  3. the freedom from pain, injury or disease;
  4. the freedom to express normal behaviour; and
  5. the freedom from fear and distress.

Find out more about the Responsible Wool Standard 

Responsible Wool Growers Standard flow chart


We are continually striving for zero waste! 

Underpinning our brand is a strong desire to be sustainable and ethical. One of our practices is making use of all the fabric when we are producing the Love Merino garments. Our scarves and wraps are made on a Flat bed machine so each product is made to size with no wastage

With our jersey merino fabric that is knitted on a circular knitting machine, the Love Merino garments are cut and finished by our very talented seamstress Rachel right here in Wellington. Rachel is vigilant in making sure any spare merino fabric is used up as beanies, face masks or headbands. We are continually striving to aim for zero waste!

Zero Waste packaging COMPOSTABLE HEROPACK MAILERSSince 2018 we have been using certified worm-friendly 100% biodegradable postage bags/satchels to send out our online orders. These bags are Home Compostable, breaking down in your compost bin in a matter of months! !, just like merino wool itself. So much better for the environment. The bags can be reused or placed in your compost. 100% Australian made by Anaita and Vik, a husband and wife duo who are committed to removing plastic from packaging and shipping in Australia and the world. -

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