Our First Photo Shoot

Our First Photo Shoot

Monday the 8th of August was an exciting day! It was the day we travelled to Sydney for our first professional LoveMerino photo shoot at the Sydney Props Studio in Marrickville. 

With all the wonderful rain that has fallen in the last 2 months at the farm, Norm was unable to come at the last minute so a quick phone call to my Dad at 9am and he jumped in the car to keep me company (along with the many props from the farm that Norm and I had collected for the big day).

This is a big milestone in our LoveMerino journey. The enormity really hit me when we arrived on set at 8am. It was a really great opportunity to get together as a team with all our samples and packaging in hand. It made our project so much more of a reality - the little details like the woven tags sewn into the product and the feel of “Lights - Camera - Action” – certainly made it very real, if not a little surreal.

We had cast a beautiful model, Julia Lang, from Scoop Models. In choosing her we looked for someone who represented the values of our brand - approachable, friendly, kind, healthy, down to earth and stylish! The sort of woman who loves her family (Julia is a proud mum of 3 little boys) and someone who could look equally comfortable riding a horse or dressing up for a night on the town. 


Our photographer, Oliver Ford, did an amazing job capturing these looks for our website and directing Julia, who was beautifully made up by our hair and makeup artist Niki Simpson. Niki’s professionalism and attention to detail was amazing! You should have seen how wonderfully even I came up under lights! It was also terrific to finally see the product samples worn and styled.

A special guest on the day was my beautiful dad, Marto, who won the heart of everyone on the shoot. He started at the back of the studio, quietly standing and observing all the action and by the end of the day he was suddenly our hand model - he may be in need of a manager sometime soon! His 76-year-old hard working hands have so much character from working on the family farm “Bodangora Station” for the past 50 years and look great in contrast with the gorgeous soft Glenwood Merino fleece. Thanks Dad!

It was hard to choose a favourite scarf on the day; they’re all so great in their own unique ways and styled with the different outfits that Kate from the Balmain boutique, Stem, kindly let us borrow for the shoot.

The day could not have gone more smoothly and I could not have done without the finishing touches of our amazing team, Tess Lloyd, Manuela Strano and Ian Smith – a big thank you. Each time we would shoot a different scarf we would all oooh and ahhhh. I can’t wait to share them with you soon. 

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Special thanks go to all the wonderful people involved in this day:

Sydney Props Studio

Julia Lang from Scoop Management

Oliver Ford

Niki Simpson

Stem Online


Ian Smith

Well done Pippy
I totally enjoyed reading this, Dad is such a hidden treasure…

Ian Smith

What a fantastic journal. So easy to read and follow. Sounds like you too Pip. Well done

Ian Smith

Loved being part of this shoot! Go Marto!

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