Shibori Collaboration

Shibori Collaboration

For our first range we wanted to collaborate with Australian artists and designers to create a limited edition range of collectable scarves.

Shibori (Stanmore, NSW) is a creative partnership between Pepa Martin and Karen Davis who use traditional methods of Japanese Shibori dying. We have worked closely with this creative duo to experiment with colour and pattern on our Merino, creating original pieces each dyed individually by hand in Sydney.

Pepa and Karen are artistic leaders in the Sydney hand dying scene with their designs translating into wall papers, rugs, leather upholstery, fashion, candles, soft furnishings and even surfboards. Working predominantly with indigo the pair greet you with blue hands and relaxed, creative space.

The dying method of uses wooden blocks and folding to create ‘resists’ (areas of which resist the dye). The fabric is then dipped in coloured dye and the results vary depending on how long and which parts are saturated. As this is a hand dyed process it means the results are always unique.

Pepa and Karen’s experience with hand dying and natural materials means they could match our colourways and use careful procedures to avoid shrinkage and stretching of the Merino.

For this range we developed Arashi, Moonphase, Organic Stripe, Native Grasses and Dip Dyed scarves.

Arashi is a traditional method where the fabric is attached and compacted around a cylindrical object. It translates as ‘Storm’ with a feel of strong weather, clouds or sleeting rain.

Moonphase is a circular pattern that reminds us of the varying crescents of the lunar cycle. This is a two-colour process where the merino is first under dyed in a flat colour then over dyed. The over dyed affect is achieved with a wooden circular resist and a two-way concertina fold. The piece is then clamped together and dipped into the second colour.

Organic Stripe is shibori twist on the classic stripe we all love. The Merino is concertina folded along the length and then dipped to achieve these soft horizontal bands.

Native Grasses is a beautiful, organic effect with more natural coloured Merino than dye. The organic gibbus shapes remind us of the native grasses here at Glenwood.

The Dip Dyed range feature two colours slowly dyed to create tonal variations. We chose contrasting colours so that the tails of the scarf are different when worn.

These scarves are a numbered limited edition with no more than 50 of each produced.

A huge thank you to the Shibori team – Pepa, Karen and Ellie for all their creativity, hard work and support.

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